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Nowadays the energy sector faces challenges related to mining mother lodes, production of energy and energy saving. We identify our clients’ problems and needs to propose the best solutions.

Mining mother lodes

Production of energy

Energy saving

  • Optimisation of mining process
  • Precisely determined location of drills
  • Prediction of the turbine failure
  • Optimisation of energy power transmission
  • Precisely determined location of turbines
  • Smart homes: optimal lighting, alert of harmful substance or smart consumption of home devices
  • The offer tailored to client's needs
  • The bid optimally tailored to the market
  • Optimisation of repair process
  • Prediction of devices failure


Due to rapid technological progress, modern medicine can not only treat diseases, but also prevent them. With use of data science tools and knowledge from the bioinformatics area it is possible to create personalised preventive tests and analysis of effectiveness of meds absorbtion.

Personalised medicine

Conventional medicine

Logistics in medicine

  • Creating personalised packages of preventive tests
  • Supporting treatment by personalised plan of diet and physical activity
  • Creating cutting-edge solutions for personalised medicine using our bioinformatics skills
  • Creating new diagnostic techniques
  • Optimised processes of pharmacological therapy
  • Inventing less invasive methods of treatment
  • Optimal using of available resources
  • Reduction of costs of medical centres functioning
  • Supporting effective management of medical centres


The newest biotechnology discoveries allow creating effective and non-invasive biopharmaceuticals and treatment methods. With cheminformatics it is possible to virtually design new compounds that could be used as a medicine.

Distribution and supplementation


Biotechnology of medicine

  • Effective cooperation between pharmaceutical institutions
  • Medicine distribution tailored to predicted demand
  • Investigating new properties of alternative medicine
  • Minimisation of negative effect of complicated and invasive treatment
  • Creating cutting-edge form of treatment based on cross reactions
  • Creating new medicines based on civilisation diseases
  • Optimised biotechnology processes of production of medicines


There are many challenges for the telecommunications industry. Most of them are related to the introduction of new technologies, network traffic changes and increasing importance of content providers.




  • Reduction of overload of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Locating and marking the content - CAN
  • Reduction of costs of infrastructure usage
  • Personalised offer precisely tailored to client's needs
  • Churn reduction
  • Optimisation of costs of call centers functioning
  • Marketing campaigns based on quantitative analyses

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

FMCG sector is known to be very complex. Such actions as optimisation of costs of warehouses or transport allow to build stronger position in FMCG sector. Thanks to data science, the sector can create new innovative solutions to be more effective.




  • Optimisation of transport processes
  • Prediction of stocks in warehouses based on quantified demand
  • Effective monitoring of warehouses based on shelf life of products
  • Optimisation of online sales thanks to new solutions
  • More efficient cooperation between suppliers and sellers
  • Prediction of future trends and clients' needs
  • Optimisation of production process
  • Improvement of production process safety
  • Minimisation of overproduction and costs of storage


Exploitation of data science tools in choosing appropriate sales conditions allows to increase sales efficiency and minimising loss of contractors.

Online sales


Institution functioning

  • Improvement of online sales safety
  • Technical possibillities to reach new clients
  • The offer optimally tailored to wholesalers and retailers
  • Quantitative prediction of future trends
  • Optimisation of institutions functioning
  • Management of transactional risk


The banking sector has always faced credit and investment risk. Correctly chosen analytical processes can reduce financial loss and increase effectiveness of communication with the client.

Risk management


Client relationship

  • Estimation of investment risk
  • Identification of frauds
  • Estimation of credit risk
  • Personalisation of financial instruments
  • Bank offers advanced comparison
  • Supporting negotiation process
  • Sales conditions precisely determined


Nowadays, marketing sector faces the problem of coming generations which have totally different needs than their predecessors. However, it is possible to create effective campaigns thanks to such methods as text mining or growth hacking.


Traditional marketing

Social media

  • Optimisation of content deployments
  • New solutions for growth hacking
  • Testing brand image using text mining methods
  • Marketing tools precisely tailored to target group
  • Connecting brand image with target group
  • Selection of appropriate social media channels
  • Optimisation of non-free social media features
  • Quantitative analyses of generation behaviour for example Gen Z